Eco-Adventure Camp


Registration FAQ

Q. How can I register for Eco-Adventure Camp?
A. Check out the information on our Registration Page.

Q. Can I register online?
A.  Yes! You can register online here or by following the instructions on our registration page.

Q. How can I pay?
A. We accept credit, cash, and cheque payments. You’ll need to have a registration account to pay by credit.

Q. What age groups is the camp for?
A. Eco-Adventure Camp is best suited for campers between the ages of 10-14. Our LIT program is designed for campers 15-18.

Camp Logistics

Q. What does my camper need to bring with them?
A. The Camp Handbook contains everything you need to know about camp! It is located here.

Q. Do they need a lifejacket?
A. We do provide lifejackets for campers.  If you choose to bring your own please be mindful that Elbow and Spectacle Lakes have been certified as free of the invasive zebra mussel and spiny water flea. We need your help to keep it this way! These organisms can be transported on life jackets and other water equipment that has not been cleaned or dried properly. Please ensure that life jackets have been thoroughly dried for at least 24 hours in the hot sun or disinfected in some other way before bringing them to the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre. We do have a selection of life jackets available.

Q. Where is the camp located?
A. Our camp is located at the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre, 1500 Hewlett-Packard Lane, Perth Road Village, Ontario K0H 2L0.

Q. Do you provide food or lunch?
A. We do not provide food or lunch for campers. Campers should come with lots of snacks, water and a big lunch as they will be active most of the day.

Q. Where is drop-off for the bus?
A. The drop-off for the bus is at 8:45-9:00am at Queen’s Campus.  The drop-off and pickup are at Arch St. across from the Biosciences Complex loading dock just south of Union Street. Be mindful that Arch St. is a one way street travelling south from Union.

Q. What time is pickup?
A. Pickup is between 4:30 – 5:00 PM on Arch Street.

Q. What does a typical day look like?
A. Check out a sample schedule to see all the great activities we do at Elbow Lake!

Family Night

Q. How do I register for Family Night?
A. After you register your child for camp, just send an email to and we’ll sign you up for Family Night. You’ll be provided with the Elbow Lake User’s Guide and a copy of our Family Night waiver.

Q. When and where should I arrive for Family Night?
A. If you’d like to meet your child at Elbow Lake, please arrive no later than 5:00 PM. If you’d like to meet your child on campus, please arrive at the normal drop-off time (between 4:30 and 5:00 PM).

Q. What activities can we participate in during family night?
A. With your family you are invited to hike the trails, go for a swim off our beautiful beach, take a canoe out for a trip, or just sit and relax on our beautiful waterfront.

Q. What amenities does the facility have?
A. A complete description of the facilities (including the cabins) can be found here on the Elbow Lake website. The cabins hold a maximum of five people and are equipped with electricity and a refrigerator. Showers, a kitchen, and drinking water are available in the main pavilion (please note that the running water at Elbow Lake is not drinkable).

Q. What do we need to bring?
A. You’ll need to bring your own food and bedding. Drinking water is available in the main pavilion. The Family night handbook can be accessed here.