Eco-Adventure Camp

Registration FAQ

How can I register for Eco-Adventure Camp?
Check out the information on our Registration Page. 

Can I register online?
Yes, visit our Registration Page to find more information on our online registration.

How can I pay?
We accept debit and credit online through our Registration Page portal. We also accept cash or cheque in person on the first morning of camp and by mail.

What age groups is the camp for?
Eco-Adventure Camp is for campers between the ages of 8-13. Our Leader in Training program is designed for young leaders between the ages 13-18.

Are there bursaries available?

Financial assistance can be provided in cases of demonstrated need. Please fill out a bursary application form and submit it by mail or email if you wish to be considered for financial assistance. Both partial and full bursaries are available, depending on circumstances.

Camp Logistics

Where can I find information about camp?
Our camp handbook has everything you need to know about camp! It is located here.

When is Drop-off and Pickup?

Morning drop-off and afternoon pickup are outside the main entrance of Humphrey Hall (62 Arch Street) at 8:45 – 9:00 AM and 4:30 – 5:00 PM (typically closer to 4:30 PM). The bus leaves campus at 9:00 AM and departs from Elbow Lake at 4:00 PM. 

Are there other Drop-off or pickup locations?

Several other stops are available along our bus route:

Do you provide before-care?

Before-care is facilitated by ScienceQuest at Beamish-Munro Hall (45 Union Street West) and costs $20.00 per child per week. Visit the Add-Ons section when you register for camp to sign up.

Bi-Weekly Public Events

How can I learn more about Weekly Public Events?
Visit the Elbow Lake website ( for weekly public event descriptions and registration!

Camp Policies

Below are policies related to Behaviour Management. For information about any of our other camp policies, please contact our Camp Director.

Service Agreement

We are committed to providing each camper and their family with a quality summer camp experience. It must be understood that camp is part of a community made up of parents, campers, and staff and there are requirements asked of each of these parties. These requirements must be met in order to maintain the safety and satisfaction of everyone involved.

Those who wish to put their needs above the needs and safety of others within our community are not welcome. Verbal abuse, operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner while on camp property, requesting exemptions to camp rules, making demands that are outside of our advertised services, and general behaviour that prevents us from serving others within our community cannot be permitted to occur.

We are eager to hear from you if you feel that we are not living up to the services that we have agreed to provide. We will make every effort to correct mistakes that are made. However, this process cannot jeopardize the safety of others. We reserve the right to terminate our services and future services at any time.

Behaviour Management Policy 

Camp rules will be discussed upon arriving to camp and throughout the week, and waterfront rules during the first swim period.  

All campers will be advised on the rules of the camp (including bus travel) and for each activity. We will use a three-strike rule policy for not following the rules and that result in serious behavioural or safety concerns.  

Two copies of an incident report will always be made, one copy for the parents, and one copy to be kept in our camp policy binder. 

  1. The first strike will involve a counsellor indicating to the camper the rule that was broken, and why it is important for it to be followed. Campers may need to be separated from the group if they are disruptive or intentionally break rules. Length will vary depending on the infraction, but they should be no more than 10 – 20 minutes. Separations should be quiet time. Separations may be taken on the sidelines of an activity. Campers must be supervised, and proper ratios observed (staff should never be alone when supervising a separation and a 1:8 staff to camper ratio must be maintained).  If multiple campers are in simultaneous separation, they may be seated away from each other or in opposite corners of an area. Separations should be given promptly. 
  2. Should a second strike arise, the Camp Director and the camper will discuss the rule infraction and an incident report will be written. Call parents to let them know what happened in addition to going over the report at the end of the day. 
  3. If a third strike occurs, the Camp Director and camper’s guardians will work together to decide the next step, which may include immediate removal from camp. 

Strikes can be given out by any camp staff (but not Leaders in Training). Staff will communicate all strikes given to the other staff and the Camp Director will keep a record on the camper’s file on CampBrain under contact log.  

Staff will never intentionally embarrass a camper by giving a strike in front of other campers. The strike count will not be public knowledge and only counsellors, the camper in question, and their parent/guardian will be aware of the infraction.  

Strike counts are kept on a weekly basis, and the record may be expunged at the end of each camp session barring serious behavioral or safety incidents that would compel us to ask that campers not return. 

Severe behavior infractions (e.g. physical violence, bullying or anything safety related) may result in the removal of a child from camp immediately. Eco-Adventure has zero tolerance for physical violence, and not complying with health and safety guidelines. 

Removing Campers for Behavioural Incidents 

If a camper refuses to follow the rules consistently and all steps have been exhausted, a camper may be removed from their group until a guardian can pick them up.