Eco-Adventure Camp

Eco Adventure Camp (8 – 13)

Eco-Adventure offers educational day programming with unique weekly themes for campers aged 8 – 13. Enjoy day camp in the great outdoors at the Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre (a campus of the Queen’s Biology Station). Transportation is included from Queen’s campus and several bus stops along our route – see our FAQ for details.

Want to spend even more time at Elbow Lake? Try one of our weekly Family Nights, every Thursday.

Campers must be 8 by the time they start camp.

View our Registration page for pricing and to sign up.

Sessions are $265 excluding session 5 (short week) which is $215.

Dates Theme Description of Week 
Session 1: July 8-12 Things that Work Together   Strength in numbers … two is better than one … you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. All are strategies in nature for survival. Learn how species work together to survive and see if your teamwork skills are up for the challenge!
Session 2: July 15-19 Things that Move Whether it’s migrating across a continent or swimming around a pond, animals are constantly moving. Put on your running shoes and take part in some moving activities!
Session 3: July 22-26 Things that Fly It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…seed? Many species use the sky as a mode of transportation. Get a first hand look at the birds, bats, bugs, and seeds that fill our skies.
Session 4: July 29- Aug 2 Things that Make Noise Get your ears and vocal cords ready! Take the opportunity to be quiet and listen to the sounds of nature. Then, be loud and make some calls yourself! Learn about the symphony of frogs, birds, and insects that serenade our environments!
Session 5: Aug 6-9

(short week)

Things that Build Can they build it? Yes, they can! Learn about the impressive engineering feats that species create every day. Investigate how beavers, insects, and birds create their homes, and then try it for yourself!
Session 6: Aug 12-16 Things that Swim* We are one in thousands of species that live and play in Ontario’s lakes and rivers. Get wet and learn about a few of the birds, fish, frogs, and insects that live and rely on our waters.
Session 7: Aug 19-23 Things that Hide Why run when you can hide?! Learn about the sneaky ways that animals and plants camouflage themselves to avoid predators and store food. How good are you at hiding in plain sight?

*Special Event during Session 6! Campers will be able to take part in “A Day with a Fish Researcher”. Fish biologists will be getting assistance from the campers to help with the long term monitoring of fish on Elbow Lake. A very exciting opportunity!