Eco-Adventure Camp

Family Night at Elbow Lake (Cabins $65)


Stay overnight on Thursday of your session and experience the magic of Elbow Lake with the whole family! Details about cabins, facilities, and amenities can be found on Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre’s facilities page.


Each cabin can hold up to 5 people, and includes:

The main pavilion (open all night) has running water, showers, a full kitchen, and a barbeque. Firewood may also be available for purchase to use in our fire pit for $15.00 per bag. Please refrain from bringing outside wood, which may carry invasive emerald ash borer beetles.


Special Family Night programming is available at no extra charge.

All of Elbow Lake is yours to explore! We have a swimming area, three beautiful trails, and an assortment of paddles and canoes (life jackets and included).

Because Elbow Lake is a protected area free from zebra mussels, please refrain from bringing outside watercraft, paddles, or life jackets.


If you’re coming directly to Elbow Lake, please arrive no later than 4:00 PM (when the bus and most of the staff leave for the day). Check-out is at 9:30 AM the following day, or when the bus arrives. Unless you let us know in advance, this is what we’ll plan for.

If these times and locations don’t work for you, you can pick up and/or drop off your child at your normal time and location. Please let us know in advance if you plan to do this, or select the appropriate “Add-On” on your account at